Political stability:stable
Legal system:UK common law
Company type:Limited Company
Disclosure of company information:Disclose to public
Oversea profit:Non-taxable
Chinese Company name registration:Possible
Company formation Regulation
Minimum shareholder:1
Minimum director:1
Corporate director:Possible
Company Secretary:Necessary
Standard Share Capital:HK$ 10,000
(Additional 0.1% of actual share capital if excess)
Local Regulation
Registered address or Registration Agency:Necessary
Local Company Secretary:Necessary
Local Director:Not necessary
Local meeting:Not necessary
Director List storage in Company Registration Office:Necessary
Shareholder List storage in Company Registration Office:Necessary
Annual Regulation
Annual Report:Necessary
Annual Auditing:Necessary
Service Package
A - Incorp handle + Govt. fee7,900 HK Dollars
B - Incorp handle + Govt. fee + Co. Secretary + Register Address9,800 HK Dollars
C - Incorp handle + Govt. fee + Co. Secretary + Register Address + Bank open10,800 HK Dollars
Annual Maintain Fee
1. Annual Renewal Fee - Govt. fee + Co. Sec + Register Address3,055 HK Dollars
2. Tax Filing Fee- Employer + Profits Tax Return750 HK Dollars
3. Statutory Auditng8,000 HK Dollars up

Hong Kong is the 11th trade system in global, the sixth great foreign exchange market and the 12th big bank center. Hong Kong Stock market scale places in Asia second. Hong Kong is also one of the most important exporters of clothing, clock and watch, toy, game, electron and the certain light industry in the world.

  • Hong Kong contains infinite potential and unlimited opportunity, leads to the Asian regional gateways, brims with current relevance, fills modern business culture, and has rich culture and fine tradition. Hong Kong encourages innovative idea, widen the field of vision and develops unceasingly.
  • Hong Kong is a fusion opportunity, creative and enterprising spirit place, the power rushes, and vitality vigorous. Infrastructures achieve the world first-class level, Hong Kong is not only a transportation junction, but also the cultural gathering, located at the most superior position in Asia, with many talented person gathers here, they can help you to achieve the goal, achieves the ideal.
  • Thousands of international enterprises benefit from setting up branch in Hong Kong. Hong Kong is one of the most famous free economy systems in the world. It located at East Asia's core, a gateway to enter China. Hong Kong has many other advantages, including its infrastructures, the legal system, low tax rate and the high-tech working population. All this can explain why so many international enterprises choose Hong Kong as their Asia base.
  • Hong Kong's tax system is simple and clear, always enjoys the international esteem. The tax rate and the taxable item are the lowest and the least. Hong Kong taxation system is based on geographical, only those business activities take places in Hong Kong are taxable. This means even Hong Kong registered company, if they doing offshore business, then any profit earn from offshore business will not be axed in Hong Kong.
  • Basically, only corporation profit, salary and property rental income are taxable. Compare with other developed countries, Hong Kong overall tax rate indeed is much lower. Income and profit tax can be as high as 40% to 50%in many countries, but in Hong Kong, income and profit tax is only 16.5% or below. Only profit generate from Hong Kong trade, industrial or business activities are taxable, all profit generate outside Hong Kong are tax-free in Hong Kong.
  • Establish Hong Kong Company, can enhance the enterprise image and the international standing, and improve client and the partner confidence.
  • Hong Kong Company can act as foreign contact point, this helps the enterprise to grasp world trade opportunity, leading other competitions, explore more business opportunities and enhance the company growth.
  • Registering a Hong Kong Company does not requires Hong Kong ID card, does not require resident in Hong Kong, no capital requires to transfer to Hong Kong and does not even need to show up in Hong Kong personally.
  • Opens an offshore bank account in Hong Kong, the enterprise can transfer fund freely, this provide a safe guard for international trade.
  • Hong Kong Tax bureau is based on zone origin principle. This means all profit generate in China is tax-free in Hong Kong.
  • Capital examination is not required for registering Hong Kong Company, registration capital can be increased freely, and they are not required to pay up.
  • Companies are free to do most of the business. Only a small group of business scope is restricted in Hong Kong. Publishing, cosmetics, medicine, auction, enterprise group, import and export, institute, food and so on can register in Hong Kong.
  • The main purpose for foreign investors to register a Hong Kong company, are publishing books and periodicals, doing international finance, improve international image, and attract investments.
  • Company name
    Both English and Chinese Name are acceptable. Company must end with “Limited”.
    According to “Company Act” 22B, wording such as “Trust”, “Chamber” can only be used if the company get the approval from Registrar of Companies.
    Company cannot use name, which already used by other existing registered Hong Kong Company.
  • Registered capital
    Usually share capital HK Dollars 10,000.
    Government charge 0.1% of registered capital as registration fee, which is HKD10,000 x 0.1% = HKD10.
    If registered capital is HKD100,000, registration fee is HKD100.
  • Direcotor
    At least one, can be individual or corporate, no nationality restriction.
  • Shareholder
    At least one, can be individual or corporate, no nationality restriction.
  • Company secretary
    Required. Must be Hong Kong ID card holder or Hong Kong corporate. Our company normally acts as company secretary.
  • Registration address
    Required. Must be in Hong Kong.
  • Required documents
    ID card or passport copy with residential address and confirmation of registered capital. (does not required to pay up).
Stage One:Name search (Company name should be drafted by you or enquiry for shelf companies’ name)
Stage Two:Provide basic information about directors and shareholders (including address, nationality and passport or ID card copy); Confirm company structure, share allocation and fill in the related application form
Stage Three:Signing appointment agreement and related government documents and pay the first payment
Stage Four:We will inform you once the registration completed, and please sign for collecting company kits and settle the last payment
Stage Five:After-sale management service enquiry (if necessary)

We have many shelf companies ready for sales. We can also registration name company with you chosen name; we also provide name search service. Company document will be well prepared in folder.

Our company kit includes:
  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Business Registration
  • One year Company Secretary Appointment Documents
  • One Year Company Registered address Documents
  • One Year Public Telephone and Fax Service
  • 10 Set Company Memorandum and Articles
  • Company Chop 1 Set
  • Signature Chop 1 Set
  • Metal Chop 1 Set
  • Share book
  • Shareholder, Director and Secretary Record and Company minutes 1 Set
  • Shareholder and Director Registration Document 1 Set
  • Share transaction Contract (Shelf Company Only)
  • Folder Box (filing all the above documents)
  • If you would like further information, please contact Miss Yu for free advisory. (852) 2155 9987