Political stability:stable
Legal system:UK common law
Company type:International Business Company
Disclosure of company information:Protected
Oversea profit:Non-taxable
Chinese Company name registration:Possible
(Additional 500 HK dollar for Chinese Company Name Registration)
Company formation Regulation
Minimum shareholder:One
Minimum director:One
Corporate director:Possible
Company Secretary:Necessary
Standard Share Capital:USD 50,000
(Additional fee if excess)
Local Regulation
Registered address or Registration Agency:Necessary
Local Company Secretary:Not Necessary
Local Director:Not necessary
Local meeting:Not necessary
Director List storage in Company Registration Office:No Regulation
Shareholder List storage in Company Registration Office:No Regulation
Annual Regulation
Annual Report:Not Required
Annual Auditing:Not Required
Service Package
A - Company setup fee:USD 930
B - Co. setup Fee + Bank account open + Certificate of Incumbency or Good Standing + Documents Certification:USD 1,310
Annual Maintain Fee
Annual Fee:USD 650
Shelf CompanyYes
  • BVI, British Virgin Island is around 60 miles east to Puerto Rico, it is at the Caribbean Sea
  • Since the International Business Company Act 1984, BVI become one of the most famous offshore company center, they also have many professional and facilities to support offshore companies. The new Business Company Act will make BVI more attractive as an offshore company registration location.
  • BVI is UK colonies, they got their autonomy in 1967 and they are member of Commonwealth of Nations
  • Over 700,000 offshore companies registered in BVI last ten years
  • International Business Companies registered in BVI do not have to pay any local tax and there is no foreign exchange control.
  • At least appointing one director, corporate director is also acceptable. According to the local requirements, director list has to be stored in the local agency office within 6 month after the incorporation. Investors have the right to decide whether to store the director list in company registration office, but it will not disclose to public.
  • At least one shareholder required, unnamed share could be issued. All unnamed share must be store under the authorized monitor. Shareholder list should be stored in the local agency office It is up to investors to decide whether to store a shareholder list in the company registration office in BVI, but it will not be disclosed to public. We normally recommend client to keep original shareholder list in BVI, as this make stamp duty arrangement easier.
  • No requirement for filing of annual return and audited financial statement, and annual general meeting.
  • BVI is a famous tax shelter country, all International business company do not pay any local tax.
  • Company only required to pay annual business renewal fee
  • Only one shareholder and one director required and they need not be local resident
  • No disclosure of company management information, accounts and annual report.
  • Registration capital need not be paid-up, and BVI Company can open bank account all around the world.
  • For protecting the interest of investor, shareholder and director detail does not required to disclose to public
  • Company name
    Company name should be in English, Chinese name could be registered as additional. Company English name should be ended with “LIMITED, CORPORATION or INCORPORAED” or their short form. Company name should not included “Trust Company”, “Bank” or similar wording unless approved by their government.
  • Standard Share Capital:
    Standard registration share capital is USD 50,000. No capital examination required and capital need not paid up.
  • Direcotor
    At least one, no nationality limitation, individual or corporate is also allowed
  • Shareholder
    At least one, no nationality limitation, individual or corporate is also allowed
  • Company secretary
    No restriction, no nationality limitation, individual or corporate is also allowed
  • Registration agency/Registered address:
    Necessary. Require one local authorized registration agency. We will provide Registered address and its fee is already included in the registration fee and annual fee.
  • Required documents
    1) Company name
    2) Directors and shareholders information (address prove, nationality, passport or ID card copy)
    3) Share allocation list (if more than one shareholder), share capital need not paid up
Stage One:Name search (Company name should be drafted by you or enquiry for shelf companies’ name)
Stage Two:Provide basic information about directors and shareholders (including address, nationality and passport or ID card copy); Confirm company structure, share allocation and fill in the related application form
Stage Three:Signing appointment agreement and related government documents and pay the first payment
Stage Four:We will inform you once the registration completed, and please sign for collecting company kits and settle the last payment
Stage Five:After-sale management service enquiry (if necessary)

We have many shelf companies ready for sales. We can also registration name company with you chosen name; we also provide name search service. Company document will be well prepared in folder.

Our company kit includes:
  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Company Memorandum and Articles
  • Director Appointment Documents
  • Director and Shareholder list
  • Provide public telephone and fax
  • Company Chop 1 Set
  • Metal Chop 1 Set
  • Share book
  • Share transaction Contract (Shelf Company Only)
  • Folder Box (filing all the above documents)